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cat tower

Installation is an opportunity to move from the commercial space into the community space. It invites interaction, and offers space (literally) for interpretation. Installations are often site-specific and temporary, existing only for the duration of an event or exhibition. 


My installation work is art for everybody. I love unconventionality and variation of scale. My paintings are often presented in the pristine white box of a gallery, but installations let me expand my boundaries and create playful, light-hearted experiences for people.

Cat Tower

yarn, cardboard, variable dimensions

February–May, 2022

"The cat tower is one of those interior objects largely ignored by the art and design community, and this exhibit [presented] an opportunity for sculptors, designers, textile artists and architects to re-imagine all that a cat tower could be. Invented by Frank Crow in 1968, it holds really strong design tenets, millions have populated homes around the world, and most of them are entirely offensive, unimaginative and not representational of the homes and style of their owner. We hope to construct an exhibit that radically reimagines the aesthetics of a cat tower while retaining the functional aspects and purposes of a cat tower." 

—Greg Lundgren, Curator, Museum of Museums (MOM)


Freeway Park

foraged plant materials
June 2023


This was a large-scale temporary installation activating botanical and natural elements for the Freeway Park Association in Seattle. Built on-site and day-of, I harvested blooming vines and flowers, and wove them into a curtain of bloom. The work was left in the park to deconstruct over time.

Snowflake on 22

motorized hand-cut paper
December 2014


This was a temporary installation for a group show called On Off, held on the winter solstice in a big warehouse. The theme of the show was light and featured pieces had to be lit.


I imagined being inside a falling snowflake. My creation was a 15' paper tent that rotated on a motor, so that the world spun around you when you stepped inside.

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