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Passages of color. Density of fiber. Moroccan rugs in ball form. 


With most textile art you see the fiber vertically. With poms you are bisecting thread, and you get a frog-egg kind of experience. You are displaying the beauty of the material itself: the fiber. The tactility and the curved surface attracts me, and as you hold and turn them, they become universes. 

Each pom takes about 5 hours to trim, calling up my affection for meditative labor. Some might see this as monotony, but for me it is calming and expansive. The human world demands fast, and poms are an indulgence of slow.

pop-up pom workshops

I have led numerous pom workshops in galleries and communities across the West. If you'd like to bring the power of the pom to your community, please reach out. Workshops are a 3-hour experience that brings together textiles, conversation, and the presence of craft.

let's pom

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