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My paintings are meditative love letters to the worlds of plant life and pattern. Each piece demands patience, receptivity and so…much…time. I layer small gestures, balancing openness and density. I try to convey a fragment of the feelings I receive from being aware of the Earth’s immensity, intricacy and beauty.

I am guided by the way my body feels when I work in my garden or stand in an old growth forest. The every-day functions of plants are beyond beautiful and happen to be the whole reason we can live on Earth. I like feeling like a speck in the amazement of so much life.

Growing up, my parents ran a textile restoration business. The house was covered in textiles—color, texture, and pattern on every surface. I loved—and still love—tracing symbols across cultures, time and space. The pattern language of textile roams all around the world. I dip into this language in my paintings to merge the collective interpretation of living on Earth with my own felt sense of nature and plant life.

Many of these works are now available as prints in limited editions: